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my stay in the “OBCC”unit on Rikers Island.

September 26, 2011

i was so happy that my drug use in Rikers was behind me. Heroin addiction amongst many other addictions is very difficult to conquer and to stop. i had to change not only my geographics but my friends(so called), people i hung out with as well as my lifestyle.last night i bartered with a friend who i knew from the streets of Harlem. he recognized me when i arrived last night.because i knew him i felt comfortable enough to trust him. i just had to be careful and not get caught or not to display my high. all i needed was another charge added onto my current charge. i look back and are amazed that i had the strength to take the offer made by my late DAD. he has always been in my corner and have never given up on me. thank-GOD because i learned a valuable lesson on the streets of N.Y.C. there is absolutely no person on this planet who is not a part of your family that will make an intervention on behalf of me or anyone and dig me out of the deep hole i dug myself into. family is sooo important. both of my parents have passed away. i miss them terribly,especially my dad. as i write this segment my eyes are welling up with i have learned and are consistently on a daily basis expressing myself with feelings. also i have come to realize that ‘real men are the one’s that are not ashamed to cry. he was the best DAD that a son could ever ask for.he never ever said no to me or never turned his back on me. he was always in my corner and when i got myself into trouble he always bailed me out. he was responsible for his sons growing up in one of the most affluent communities in America,Scarsdale,New York. i believe because i lived the high end of the spectrum i always on my own strived and achieved only success. i made alot of $$$on my own in the Garment Industry at a very young age and made 6 plus figures a short while after. i believe that although i am an addict i have very high and very good qualities that charachterize me. my dad was like me and these positive and high standards were instilled also by him. i thank-You Dad and GOD BLESS YOU! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!i was in OBCC unit for a total of two weeks. time began to fly. before i adapted and was in OBCC long enough,another visit was made to move me to my last dorm that i was going to finish my stay at.while i was in the holding cell back in c96(the first dorm i lived)i met a beautiful black man named Lonnie. he too was waiting to be moved into the drug dorm. we hit it off and became friends instantly. i had alot of hope at this point in my stay. for one i was in the last dorm that i hopefully would ever be in again and second i had made a good friend, be continued….


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